Salads Foody but light

Chevre Salad 16.00 VL, G
Fresh salad mix with goat cheese and roasted pepper. Red onion, black grapes, devil’s jam and lemon vinaigrette.

Roasted Salmon Salad 17.50 L, G
Fresh salad mix with roasted smoked salmon and giant shrimps, red onion and wasabi mayonnaise.

Roasted Chicken Salad 16.50 L,G
Fresh salad mix, grilled chicken’s breast, red onion and black grapes with feta sauce.

Salads include cucumbe, tomato, and house bread.


Burgers Juicy and tasty

BLACK ACE    16.50
Ace’s own black burger bun, Black Angus full meat steak, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce, aioli, marinated red onion, salad, tomato, pickled cucumber.

The Ace Big Burger    15.50
Burger bun, 188g beef steak, cheddar cheese, salad, pickled cucumber, tomato, and panered onion rings. Mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Chicken Burger 16.50
Ace’s own burger bun, grilled broiler breast fillet, goat cheese, roasted pepper, tomato, and mayonnaise.

Vegan Burger 16.90
Ace’s own burger bun, 120g vegan steak, vegan cheese, salad, tomato, vegan mayonnaise, and devil’s jam.

Halloumi Burger 15.00
Ace’s own burger bun, grilled halloumi cheese, roasted pepper, devil’s jam, salad, and tomato.

Kids Burger 11.00
Hamburger bun, beef steak, salad, tomato, fries, and Trip-juice.

Our burgers also come gluten free so do not hesitate to ask.


French fries + 3,50 

Sweet potato fries +5,50 


Fingerfood So delicious

Crispy Chicken 15.00 L
French fries, maize covered chicken, cucumber –and carrot sticks + dipping sauce.

Combo Platter 18.50
French fries, maize covered chicken, pork ribs, onion rings, jalopeno sticks, cucumber –and carrot sticks + mayonnaise sauce.

Traditional Fish and Chips 15.50 L
French fries, panered fish and tartar sauce.

Kids Crispy Chicken

French fries, maize covered chicken, cucumber and carrot sticks + dipping sauce

French fries 6.00

Sweet potato fries 8.00

Dipping sauces 2.00

Ace Food Appreciating the local

We believe in local production in Lahti. Our tasty Ace-burgers are produced in co-operation with Lahti area producers. Quality and fresh raw materials come from:

A.O. Vuorinen | Villähteen Leipä

Explanations to the abbreviations:

VL= Low lactose

L= Lactose free

G= Gluten free

If needed, ask more options about special diets


Read our Oiva report from here (only in Finnish & Swedish)